We’re done plinking.

We’re done plinking


bang-plink, bang-plink, bang-plink….

If you’re lucky (shooting steel) that’s all the feedback you’ll hear shooting by yourself on that one hour of free time you have to go to the range.  The instant feedback of seeing or hearing your target is gratifying enough for some gun owners, but most end up leaving the range having little to no clue what they need to work on to improve their overall competency.  When the thought occurs to hit the range again, possibly 4 or more weeks later, you’re likely to go back to the same range and shoot nearly the identical course of fire.  The longer this goes on, the more likely it is that you will find yourself unprepared for a violent threat encounter.  There is, unfortunately, a long list of armed but unprepared citizens that didn’t survive their encounters.  Some had to watch their own family die as they tried to chamber a round, or others have been killed by their own firearms because simply racking a shotgun didn’t have the intended Hollywood effect.  In the Marines, we had a saying that went along the lines of ‘you never rise to the occasion, you only descend to your highest level of training’.  When the time comes, your training will show through the panic.  The question is if you had to descend to the highest level of training right now, where would you be?  This requires some self-reflection and even self-criticism, but if you are already rationalizing why you’re ready, chances are that you could be better prepared.  


SO, how do I get to the level of preparedness and training that I want to be at?  You could immerse yourself in the vast knowledge that is available to you in this wonderful Information Age.  However, your favorite authors, YouTube channels, and self-training aids can only take you so far.  What’s better than reading or watching your favorite experts than to have one right next to you on the range?  That is exactly what a Personal Protection Coach does for you as a member of Atlas Defense’s Range Club.  Your Coach gives you the instant feedback and guidance to make every round count towards you becoming a better gun owner.  Our flexible programming amplifies your strengths, addresses weaknesses, and gets you to the level of competency that truly inspires confidence.


A personal trainer for the range

Any time you’ve grown a skillset, it’s probably been preceded by some kind of experience outside of your comfort zone.  Plinking away at the 15-yard line is the comfort zone you’ve been occupying as long as you’ve been a gun owner.  What we do in the Range Club is a well-planned blend of working in and outside of your comfort zone to stimulate the development of your skillsets.  

The areas of improvement that we address usually fall into one of three categories that we dubbed the Three M’s.  Marksmanship, Manipulation, and Movement.  These three overarching categories cover nearly every physical aspect of owning a firearm.  We will go into more depth on the Three M’s in Part 2 of this Rang Club series of blogs over the next few weeks.  Throughout your membership, you also have access to Situational Awareness Workshops, firearms maintenance classes, and other dedicated guidance.  As with the development of any skill, we use a long-term approach to guide you along the crawl, walk, run phases of your training.  The Range Club is a one on one training environment in which you have a dedicated instructor coaching only you over a given period of time, usually 12 months.  Before the first live round is fired, we spend time with you to learn about your experience thus far and what goals you want to accomplish by the end of your first term of membership.  We drop these initial notes into a shared online training log that you can access anytime.  Your Training Notes are updated after every training session and include shot analysis, take home exercises like dry fire drills, and areas that we need to improve on.  Especially since we encourage clients to go to the range in between sessions, the Training Notes serve as a guide that you can take to the range with you.  This was created out of a realization that a general “defensive handgun” course muffles out too many individual needs and questions to be effective.  For that reason, Atlas Defense decided to provide your personal trainer for the range.  If you feel ready to further develop your skillset as a responsible gun owner, contact us today for a free training consultation or follow our event schedule to register for our next Atlas Experience event.


About Atlas Defense

Much of our programming experience at Atlas Defense centers on a combination of training foreign militaries in high threat areas and understanding the dynamic risk environment at home and abroad through the lens of corporate risk management.  This unique combination draws on the years of training and real world execution to bring our members the highest echelon in one on personal protection coaching.