Situational Awareness Workshop

Observe, orient, decide, act. This is the basic principle taught in Situational Awareness that has been empowering our clients to feel more secure and confident in unfamiliar situations. Learning to apply situational awareness in everyday life can improve not just personal safety but also interpersonal communication skills, problem solving, and productivity. This one hour class is a great personal development workshop to offer your employees or members. Contact us today to book!


  • Employee safety and security
  • Be more observant of surroundings
  • Use those observations to formulate the best course of action
  • Conflict de-escalation/ mitigation
  • Improve problem solving
  • Prepare for overseas travel
  • Empowerment to feel safe in new environments
  • Strengthen any self-defense plan

Permit to Carry Certifications

Location: In-home Course length: 7 hours, including range time. Atlas' Minnesota Multi-State Conceal Carry course covers all of the basic safety and proper shooting fundamentals that you need to know to safely carry a firearm in accordance with Minnesota statutes. Our Executive Instructor will guide you through the course at your pace in the comfort of your own home. This class meets all the requirements of the Minnesota Personal Protection Act. A certified law enforcement officer will also make a guest appearance to present on possession of a firearm and use of deadly force. The 150 round course of fire for qualification will be conducted at the closest indoor range to you. The certificate provided upon successful completion of the course fulfills Minnesota State Statute 624.714, Subd 2a, training by a certified instructor.

Topics Covered

  • Handgun Responsibility

  • Choosing a Handgun

  • Ammunition

  • Safety

  • Principles of Handgun Marksmanship

  • Handgun Maintenance

  • Psychological and Physiological effects of a Violent Threat Encounter

  • Use of force and possession of a firearm, presented by a Law Enforcement Officer

  • Handgun Retention

  • Range Safety

  • Qualification shooting

Range Club Defensive Firearms Coaching

Atlas Defense's Range Club members sign up for 3, 6, or 12 month training plans. We work with your experience to create a personalized firearms training plan to help you accomplish your training goals. Think of us as a personal trainer, except on the range and not in the gym. Most members choose to meet once a month, at the range of their choice. Our all-inclusive fee structure covers 1 hour of personal instruction, dedicated training notes, 100 rounds of any handgun or rifle ammunition, any lane fees, targets, and other supplies. Your training notes will be accessible online and include personalized tips and drills you can do on your own when practicing at home. Contact us for your free training consultation today at 612.492.1297. We can bundle this program with any other class like Permit to Carry, Personal Protection in the Home, and Firearms Familiarization.

Topics Covered

  • Marksmanship
  • Manipulating your firearm
  • Target identificaiton
  • Timed drills
  • Defensive handgun drills
  • Defensive rifle drills
  • Shooting from multiple positions
  • Firearms maintenance
  • Safe handgun and ammunition storage
  • Continued opportunities for skill development.

Home Defense Planning

Location: In-home Course length: 6 hours, including range time. This course addresses the unique needs of any home owner that wants to know how to integrate their firearm(s) into a home security / defense plan. In-person class and consultation includes a personalized walk-through consultation of your home or office in both full light and low-light conditions. Live fire conducted at Osseo Gun Club's Tactical Range includes shoot/ no-shoot drills, low light, timed drills, malfunction drills, and more. By the end of this course, you will feel more confident in your home defense plan and how to act in accordance with Minnesota Use of Reasonable Force and Use of Deadly Force Statutes.

Topics Covered

  • Firearm Responsibility

  • Handgun, Rifle, and/ or Shotgun familiarization

  • Ammunition

  • Home Defense Planning

  • Principles of Defensive Marksmanship

  • Firearm Maintenance

  • Psychological and Physiological effects of a Violent Threat Encounter

  • Use of Reasonable Force and Use of Deadly Force, MN Statute 609.06

  • Firearms Retention

  • Range Safety

  • Live Fire Coaching

Firearms Familiarization Course

Location: In-home Course Length: 6 hours Course Description: This in-home course is designed to both introduce new gun owners and refresh old gun owners alike to the principles of being a responsible gun owner on either your firearm or one supplied by Atlas. The fully interactive and immersive course includes a 100 round course of fire tailored to your experience level and desired type of shooting drills at the closest indoor range to you. If you have time constraints, the first 5 hours of instruction can be completed in-home and the final hour of range time can be scheduled for a separate day. Small groups are encouraged as well to help facilitate comprehension and practice. A course completion Certificate will be provided that will qualify you to join the Atlas Range Club. This course is designed to build on your existing skillset to take you to the skill level you want to be.  Clients must show proof of previous firearms safety training through Atlas or another official organization such as the NRA.  Unless otherwise specified by the client, this is a one-on-one range day with Atlas' Executive Instructor.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify firearm safety rules.

  • Safely load and unload their firearm.

  • Identify safe firearms and ammunition storage areas in their own home.

  • Utilize proper aiming fundamentals.

  • Accurately and confidently target shoot.

  • Confidently handle and manipulate a firearm.