Reps, Resolutions, & Reloads

San Antonio. Sunday, January 15th

Josh and I suck at being friends.  We live in different states, specialize in different professions, lead different lifestyles.  However, we do both believe personal development can be accomplished in an alternative format.  Why not discuss these topics in our more natural habitats like the gym or range?  Different, but same same!

James Franco gets it.

You heard that right.  Josh Coquat and I have decided to team up and share our knowledge and network with our San Antonio friends at our two favorite offices, the range and the gym.  Josh is the owner of Preeminent Fitness Systems, an online fitness coaching program.

10:00AM – Shoot and Scoot Fam Fire @ Bullet Hole Range

  • 2715 Grosenbacher Rd, San Antonio, TX 78245
  • Meet in the parking lot, up to 30 min prior for intros and safety brief
  • Atlas Defense will be providing firearms in .357, 9mm, .40 S&W, .223, and 5.56
  • You can shoot any of our handguns or rifles, just bring your own ammunition and lane fees
  • Some ammo will be on hand to make sure everyone gets a few shots in on each platform
  • Come with EDC, home defense, personal protection, gear related questions!


12:00PM – Reps and Resolutions sponsored by Heavy Metal Fitness

  • 11950 Starcrest Dr #203, San Antonio, TX 78247
  • Thanks to Heavy Metal Fitness for waiving guest fees for RRR participants!
  • Meet in the gym, up to 30 min prior for warm ups and Q&A with PFS Owner Josh Coquat
  • Depending on the number of attendees, we’ll probably just split up by muscle group and train in small groups
  • Shakes and make plans for dinner afterwards