Atlas Defense Fall Events

Between fighting veteran suicides and getting Situational Awareness Workshops out to the community, there are several events coming up this fall that you can join.


  • Situational Awareness Workshop + Lunch | Sept 25th, 12:00PM: Focusing on applying Situational Awareness in large groups and crowds.  There are several unique risks that come with the crowds at professional sporting events and upcoming holiday travel that we will delve into.  This one-hour workshop will be followed by an informal Q&A at the nearby Cuppa Java restaurant.

  • Brass Bonds Twin Cities Shoot | Oct 29th, 4PM – 7PM: This is the second year of Brass Bonds Twin Cities and every shoot builds momentum towards our goal of getting more veterans out of the house.  Come for the trigger time, and stay for the camaraderie that still exists when you show up.  No guns?  No problem, we encourage vets to bring their own guns and ammo but there is always plenty to share.  We will have outdoor courses of fire for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  We will also have a friendly competition at the end for some prizes and end with a cookout/ bonfire around dusk.
  • Veteran’s Train and Talk at Crossfit Twin Cities| Nov 4th, 12:00PM: Join coach Joe Cebula for a high-intensity “1775” workout followed by an informal cookout and mental health talk.  We believe that one of the ways to reframe veterans’ mental health is simply to get them out of the house to do things they actually enjoy and care about.  As a Marine veteran-owned business, Atlas Defense knows that the gym and range are the two best resources that we can share with our brothers and sisters in service.
  • Brass Bonds SoCal Launch | Nov 10th & 11th: Born out of a distinct need to serve the large concentration of veterans in Southern California, Atlas Defense will be launching a Brass Bonds Chapter starting on the Marine Corps Birthday.
    • Nov 10th, 7PM: Group train and talk at Crossfit Sandbox Santa Monica.  After getting slayed like a boot at MCRD San Diego, the following recovery and group talk will feature Dr. Jade Teta, testosterone, and defining success after the military.
    • Nov 11th, 12PM: Brass Bonds Range Day at an Orange County range.  Details TBA but non-veterans can contribute by sponsoring a veteran through the ticket link.  Your contribution will help pay for ammunition and lane fees.  Bring your own firearms, but even if you don’t have any know that there will be plenty to pass around!