Atlas Defense in 300 words

New logo design concept by Shannon Job Arts. Probably the shortest blog post ever, but a recent question forced me to describe Atlas Defense in 300 words.  I hope you enjoy the read and consider balancing your personal protection plan with our services. -Marc


Atlas Defense is a veteran-owned and operated personal protection coaching service that teaches clients how to feel safe wherever they choose to be. We connect to clients on a base level by simply treating people the way they want to be treated. Our services are offered on a Use of Reasonable Force Spectrum (URFS) ranging from Situational Awareness to personal defensive firearms coaching. We acknowledge that firearms aren’t for everyone, and offer other ways to feel safe like mindset coaching, travel security planning, and a variety of hand-to-hand instructor referrals.

Our demographic is best defined as a psychographic; that is anyone who is motivated to feel safer. Almost by default, this has led to Atlas Defense serving the Twin Cities females and the LGBTQ+ communities ages 30 to 35. Due to small-minded preconceptions, these people have been passed over by the politicized firearms industry. After 20+ months of serving clients, I’ve found that my clients come with a stronger desire to learn because they face real, direct threats as a minority group.

Atlas Defense’s core social mission is to prevent veteran suicides by getting them out of the house and empowering them to tap into the skill sets they’ve left dormant for too long. This is accomplished by growing Atlas Defense’s instructor cadre with only military veterans and organizing local veteran’s social shoots with the Brass Bonds club. The reason military veterans are the best to convey Atlas Defense’s classes is that they have that unique insight of experience professionally handling firearms in high threat environments that your average NRA hobbyist instructor doesn’t have. After successfully training in our first Air Force Security Forces veteran in Cincinnati, we now have the opportunity to reach even more veterans by offering the instructor training as an online-in person hybrid class.

Offering this as an all-inclusive luxury service came naturally. Creating an immersive learning environment is accomplished by training in the client’s home or office with live fire at the nearest range. On the horizon, we will start offering online training to our independent contractors and larger (B2B) clients. Building that will afford more time to focus on Atlas’ social mission.

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