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Atlas Defense is the materialization of Owner and Executive Instructor Marc Holley's vision to create a personal protection coaching service that commits to the development of confidence through competence in every client.  This mission was born out of the recognition of an <a href="http://atlasdefensemn.com/lgbt-situational-awareness-class-press-release/">embarrassing gap in the firearms industry</a>.  With this vision, Holley decided to synthesize his years of experience in applied situational awareness and firearms training into something more applicable and relevant to the modern civilian world.

Much of Marc's experience comes directly from his 8 years of service to the United States Marine Corps Reserve combined with his experience in corporate risk management.  He joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 2008 as a Military Police Officer and later was assigned the additional military occupational specialty of Combat Marksmanship Coach.  Through his 8 years of service, Holley deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2011 to jointly train the Afghan National Police in Uruzgan Province alongside the Australian Federal Police.  In that 8 month deployment, he was meritoriously promoted to Corporal and assisted in training over 700 Afghan National Police officers.  Shortly after his return home, Holley took part in Southern Accord, another joint training mission in South Africa with the South African National Defense Force.  In that short 4 week training evolution, Marc again assisted in training a foreign military on personal firearms, crew served machine guns, tactics, and non-lethal munitions.  It was in those experiences that Marc began noticing some commonalities in shooters of all nationalities, backgrounds, age, race, even orientation.  It was this simple fact that made him realize that professional situational awareness and firearms training should be accessible to everyone, not just the easiest demographic for the firearms industry to target.

After returning home from Afghanistan in 2011, Marc began working in corporate security and eventually was promoted to the position of Global Watch Officer for Thomson Reuters' Americas Security Team.  His duties there consisted primarily of travel security planning, crisis management, and employee security in North and South America as part of a small remote team.  Major events that he assisted in planning and responding to included the Boston Marathon bombing, the civil unrest surrounding the Confederation and World Cup in Brazil, and a litany of other events that activated Thomson Reuters' Crisis Management team.

Throughout these experiences, Marc took keen notice of the most efficient and concise methods in the training, combat, and corporate security environment.  Instead of taking all of the bad learning experiences as simply negative energy, Holley recognized the opportunity behind every failure or inefficiency he helplessly witnessed as an employee or Marine.  On his last job as a private security contractor in Afghanistan in 2015, Marc finally committed to his vision and wrote his business and training plans for Atlas Defense.  Returning to the United States in December of 2015 and starting Atlas Defense in 2016 was challenging but continues to be the strongest factor driving continuous self-improvement within Holley and Atlas Defense.

With Atlas Defense's operations in full swing now, they have active and interstate clients in Progressive Firearms Training, Situational Awareness, Permit to Carry, and a number of other volunteer activities like Boys to Men Club and working with veterans clubs at local colleges.  Marc created Atlas Defense with an open architecture to catalyze a truly mobile business that can deliver its products anywhere in the world.  No matter what the reason you may be reading this, chances are you know the quality of work that we are talking about and why this knowledge is so valuable.