Confidence through Competence

Atlas Defense started with some very ambitious goals for our inaugural year.  As I stated before, Atlas Defense is an unconventional personal protection training organization that has quickly grown into our niche over the past 12 months.  I knew that my mission couldn’t be overstated.  I created Atlas Defense to serve the type of people that have been overlooked by my industry.  I started this on a hunch; that females and the LGBTQ community not only haven’t been given enough attention, but also that feeling safe doesn’t always have to hinge on carrying a deadly weapon.

It would have been too easy, too predictable, and not agreeable with my values if I took the path that most other trainers take.  Had Atlas Defense been like every other firearms trainer, we would have advertised on Groupon, only offered large group classes, and marketed to a very specific demographic that has already clearly demonstrated their support for firearms.  What I didn’t see much of in the industry was professional, one on one training that specifically targeted the female and LGBTQ community.  After my experience training foreign militaries and my fellow Marines, the biggest takeaway centered around creating a stress free training environment.  For some people, this stress free environment includes being treated the way they want to be treated, with personalized training plans, respect, and attention.  My hunch paid off, as the clients I gained in this first year confirmed my suspicions.  Many of my female and LBGTQ clients stated that they hadn’t pursued this type of training until now because they felt out of place in the machismo-dominated firearms industry.  At times, they would even feel unwelcome.

That combined with the predictable rush of gun and training sales after every mass shooting further cemented my commitment to being an unconventional personal protection coach.  That is exactly why our Situational Awareness classes have been just as popular as our firearms coaching.  One of our biggest discoveries of the year actually is that Situational Awareness has the potential to help far more people than we ever imagined.  Even as I write this, I can confidently say that we are prepared to deliver the class virtually, over the internet to anywhere in the world we are needed.

One of my core philosophies, firearms theory is the working title, is that it isn’t my place to tell anyone that a firearm will make them feel safe.  What you do to make yourself feel safe should be proportional and relevant to reality.  The reality that alot of my clients encounter is that for any number of reasons a firearm may not be suitable to their needs at the time.  That is why the Situational Awareness classes have been such a great primer for anyone to get into the mindset of truly feeling safe by paying attention to their surroundings.

All of these experiences have shaped Atlas Defense to be what we are today.  As we enter the new year with seemingly more questions than answers about anti-terrorism, domestic threats, and leadership in general, I am confident that Atlas Defense will continue to deliver the absolute highest quality experience for our current and future clients.  Thank you to all of our supporters, clients, and suppliers that made this year possible.  You all were the ones to contribute to the growth of this small, veteran-owned business!

See you in the classroom or on the range,


Marc Holley

Owner, Atlas Defense